For Parents - Parent Participation


We believe in a strong working partnership with each family. This relationship starts before enrollment when we discuss your child's unique needs and abilities, as well as your expectations of us. Once enrolled, here's how we can grow the family-staff relationship to lay a strong foundation for your child's growth and development.

Visit any time you like, unannounced. We encourage you to spend time in your child's classroom to observe or help out. If you can, stop by for lunch.

Our staff speak with family members on an impromptu basis and regularly send information notes home.  Teachers and directors are always available for extended     meetings. Twice-yearly, time is set aside for formal Parent-Teacher conferences where we can discuss your child's portfolio and accomplishments and set goals for the months ahead.


We invite you to actively participate and work with the directors to plan special events, help with staff appreciation efforts and offer feedback on center operations. 
We also welcome parent involvement when we interview potential staff.


In addition to our parent resource materials, we offer periodic seminars and program information nights. 

We are always seeking your input and we want to address quickly any concerns you may have.   We encourage you to speak with teachers and stop by the
office when something is on your mind.  Periodically, we ask for more formal feedback through surveys.